Your Kitten comes with:

2 Vaccines - 1st at 8 weeks old then 2nd one at 12 weeks old

Spayed or Neutered 

Complete veterinary health check with Health Record to take home

Veterinary Certificate of Health (Required by the Province of Nova Scotia)

1 Dose of Revolution and Dewormed 3 Times

2 year genetic health guarantee

TICA registration papers

6 weeks free pet insurance through PetSecure

Royal Canin Kitten Kit

Lifetime support and advice



Prices vary depending on what your looking for, a Breeder Quality, Show Quality or just a Pet. 

We do require that you make a deposit of $150 to hold the kitten of your choice.  Deposits can be sent using E-Transfer or Paypal(Transaction Fee added to total).

First choice of kittens goes to those on our waiting list by order of deposit placed - please note the following exception.

Preference being given to those seeking show/breeder quality kittens. We reserve the right to keep kittens for our own breeding program.

We offer returnable deposits (within 8 weeks of the kittens being born) if your situation changes or you can apply your deposit to another litter.

Kittens will be ready for their new homes between 12-14 weeks.


We will Ship our kittens for an extra cost across Canada as long its a direct Flight.  If multiple kittens are going to the same location we will split the shippings costs amoung the owners.  Our kittens fly out from the Halifax International Airport. 

Flight Cost + Our Travel Costs of a 6 Hour round trip($200) +  Cat Carrier($50)


Please consider the following before Placing a Deposit on one of

our Ragdoll Kittens:  

- We have a strict 'no declaw' policy.  As of March 2018, it is illegal in Nova Scotia for any vet to perform medically unnecessary cat declawing.  Please do not apply if you intend to have this procedure done.  We have several scratching post around our home to support their need to scratch and stretch.  This is a must have in your home to avoid any damage to your furniture.  Have one ready that's at least 3 feet high.

- Due to their submissive nature of the Ragdoll breed, your new kitten will not be allowed to roam free outdoors.

-  Ragdolls require lots of time with their people and don't like to be left alone for long hours.  So, If you work really long hours or have a very busy family with Team sports and other activities that leaves you little time home then please consider adopting another breed of cat. 

- Kittens must receive proper vaccinations within a reasonable time period and wellness checkups.  Please consider the cost that is associated with the maintenance of a new Ragdoll kitten.

- Grain Free Foods.  Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they eat mostly meat, so high meat and grain-free foods are a good option.  We feed our cats and Kittens Royal Canin kitten food.

- If someone in your home has cat allergies then a Ragdoll cat may not be right for you. Although Ragdolls tend not to shed as much as other long-haired cats, they still do shed.  Allergic responses are still possible.

- Deposit is required before going on our Wait list.  Preference being given to those seeking show/breeder quality kittens. We reserve the right to keep kittens for our own breeding program.

- The average Ragdoll lifespan is between 15 to 20 years.   Remember that bringing a kitten home is a lifelong commitment.

- Do you currently have a veterinarian,  many are not taking in new clients.  You should check to see if you are able to get one before applying.


CaperCats Pet Contract

This is a copy of our contract that is required to be signed by both parties before any kitten/cat leaves our home.



Applications CLOSED

We are no longer taking applications.