Your wait list is closed, How do we get on your wait list?

Since we are a small cattery with limited litters per year, our wait lists do fill up quickly. Any time our wait list is full this means our current litters are spoken for and we will reopen again once the kittens have their first vet visit and everyone on the current list has picked their kittens. We always make a post on our website and Facebook page a 2 to 3 days before we reopen our wait list.

Once we reopen there is an online appcliation form to fill out. Then we go through all the applications and approve usually 10 to 12 people. Then a deposit is required to hold your spot on the wait list. Your spot on the wait list is determined when we receive your deposit.

Steps to get on our wait list...
1. Applicaion 2. Approval 3. Deposit 4. Placed on wait list

Do Ragdoll cats shed, are they Hypoallergenic?

Ragdolls are not Hypoallergenic and they do shed. However, they don't have an undercoat so there is less shedding. There are no truly hypoallergenic cat breeds. Most people with cat allergies react to the "Fel d 1" protein, a protein found in cat saliva. Therefore, it can spread through a lick,a scratch or dander that comes off when a cat is grooming. So all cats have this protein but some breeds will produce less of it and therefore people with allergies tend to tolerate certain breeds. ​​ The best option would be to visit someone who has a ragdoll and see if there is a reacation while there.

Are Ragdolls a good breed for a home with young children?​

Ragdolls are an extremely easy going, cuddly and docile breed. This makes them a great choice for families with young children. All of our kittens are raised in our home underfoot and exposed to our two children, our other cats and a Springer Spaniel Dog. A major part of how well your ragdoll will work within your family is your level of repect for the animal and how you introduce them to your children. Plus, what you allow your children to do and not do when playing with your new kitten.

Can I come visit before choosing a kitten?

For the health of our cats and kittens, will only allow visits once the kittens receive their first vaccinations at 8 weeks old. And only to our depositors and serious buyers , please understand that we are a small cattery that runs in our home and it would be hard for us to accommodate visits for everyone. We ask you not to visit our home if you have already recently visited another cattery or shelter in order not to compromise the health of our cats and kittens. If you are unable to visit, we are more than happy to send videos and pictures of the kittens to help you choose the right one. We upload videos and pictures daily on our Facebook page and we also have to videos on our YouTube Channel.

Your contract mentions that your kittens will have early spay or neuter before going to their new homes. Can the early Spay/Neuter be delayed til they are 6 months old?

Modern studies do not support that early spay/neuter cause issues later in life for cats. There are in fact are number of benefits. All of our cats, with the expception of those going with breeding rights, must be spayed/neutered before leaving our home. This is a contractual obligation we have with the breeders we obtained our cats from and we support early spay/neuter. Please visit the following site for more information: or

Do you Ship your kittens and how much does it costs?

Yes, We will Ship our kittens for an extra cost across Canada as long its a direct Flight. If multiple kittens are going to the same location we will split the shippings costs amoung the owners. Our kittens fly out from the Halifax International Airport. Shipping costs will vary depending on where we are shipping to:
Flight Cost + Our Travel Costs of a 6 Hour round trip($200) + Cat Carrier($50)

How can I tell if your really a Registered Breeder?  Where can I check?

We are registered with TICA(The International Cat Association) and CCA( The Canadian Cat Association). Check the links below to search our Cattery name on the TICA website and see our listing on the CCA site. You can also join the Fudy Fanciers Cat Club on facebook where you can ask questions regarding various cat breeds and breeders. Fundy Fanciers Cat Club: When looking for a breeder of any kind always do your homework on the breed your interested in. Then be sure to ask any breeder the right questions. Breeding cats should be tested for genetic issues, for Ragdolls its (HCM and pkd) and also test for FIV/FELV prior to breeding. They should be able to provide the pedigrees (minimum 3 generation) of the parents proving they are in fact purebred ragdoll cats. They should provide a contract and health guarantee. Reputable breeders should show their cats to ensure they are a good representation of the breed standard. You can also check the TICA (The International Cat Association) website to confirm that they have a Registered Cattery. The site below allows you to do a cattery name search. We are listed on both sites. TICA Website: CCA Website:

What will the kittens colours look like when they get older?  They seem to be all white now.

Ragdoll kittens are born white (unless they are minks) and their colouring slowly comes in as they grow older. Usually by 8 to 12 weeks their colours are evident but it takes 2 to 3 years for their full colour to show. Here is a link for examples of different colours and patterns:

Should I get a Male or Female Ragdoll?

Ragdolls in general are very laid back cats that love to be around their human family. It is really the individual cats personality which can vary with each litter. Just like human babies, each one will be different. Getting a female ragdoll in fear of a male spraying isn't necessary. Male cats that are neutered will not spray.

What do I need for my new Kitten?

Here are some basic things you will need: Dry Food - we use Royal Canin Kitten Food and you will receive a sample bag. We leave dry food out all day for our kittens then a small amount of wet food at night before we go to bed. They are natural grazers and tend to eat a lot of small meals during the day. You can leave out the recommend portion of food for the day or create a feeding schedule base on their daily recommended portion(listed on the back of the bag of food). And of course, leave fresh water out for them everyday. Do not use plastic feeding dishes. Wet can food - We give our cats small amount(Table spoon full) of wet food every evening. Bowls - Food and water bowls should be either Stainless Steal or ceramic. Do no use Plastic dishes. Litter Pan - small one will do for now but your kitten will outgrow it in a couple months. Litter - We use Wood Pellets for litter. (Same wood pellets that you would use for a wood pellet stove) We get 40lb bags from Canadian Tire. Please continue to use Wood Pellets or get Purina Yesterday’s News Cat Litter from Walmart. You are welcome to switch to a litter of your choice but please switch slowly to the new litter over a week to avoid accidents. Scratch Post or Cat tree - At least 3 feet tall. We have 4 in different sizes around our house so our cats do not scratch our funiture or go after our curtains. Cat Carrier - A medium size one that you will need to take your kitten home. It can also be used when taking your kitten to the vet. Steal Comb or Cat Brush - Brushing your kitten will get them use to the feeling and it’s a great way to bond with your new fur-baby. Nail Clippers - You can use regular nail clippers but make sure they are sharp. Or buy a Nail Clipper for cats. And finally, TOYS!!!
They can be simple as a cardboard box with holes, paper balls or even plastic bottle caps. Our cats and kittens love the mice and birds that make noise when playing with them. Feathers toys are wonderful too. Balls with the bells in them, our cats go crazy for the plastic springs that you can order from Go to our SHOP PET SUPPLIES page for what we use at our cattery.

What if I wish to switch Foods, What do you recommend?

If you wish to change foods please switch over slowly. Begin the transition by mixing both the current food with their new cat food together. Gradually decrease the amount of current cat food while increasing the amount of new cat food. Do this over a 7-day period so there are fewer digestive issues and diarrhea that is known to happen when switching food. TLC Whole life Natural Pet Food is a great option, a Canadian Company and Free Shipping. or Orijen Cat & Kitten Food. Can be found at PetValu. Check Site for more locations.

We have an older cat home, how do we introduce our new ragdoll kitten?

SLOWLY! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Every cat is different and will react differently to a new kitten. Ragdolls are typically very accepting of new animals and surroundings, however your current cat may not be. To avoid any possible fighting or hostility, slowly introduce your new kitten to your cat. Making sure you are paying close attention on how they are interaction with each other. 1. Prepare a separate room like a bathroom or spare room for the new kitten. keeping them isolated would be the first step to introductiong your new kitten to your home. Don't let the new kitten full access to you home yet, it may be too overwhelming at first. 2. Exchange scents. Feed the cats on opposite sides of the closed door so they will assoicate a happy meal time with each other. You can take a blanket from each cat and have them smell each other that way. After the new kitten as explored his room, take him out and let your resident cat explore the room and even the cat carrier.

The key is not to introduce them to quickly. Never leave them in a room together alone and let them work it out. This could lead to fighting and therefore will make it even harder for them to get along. 3. Allow the cats to sniff each other through a closed door. 4. Let them say "Hi" through the open door, only open it a crack just in case someone is not happy. 5. Hold the new kitten in your arms and see how the resident cat will react. Then hold the kitten closer to the resident cat so they can smell each other. Always supervise their time together and give treats and praise them for doing a great job. 6. How long will it take will depend on your resident cat. Make introductions longer each time and use your judgement on when you can give both cats free access to your home.

Where are you located at?

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada

Will I able to declaw our kitten/Cat?

We have a strict 'no declaw' policy. As of March 2018, it is illegal in Nova Scotia for any vet to perform medically unnecessary cat declawing. Please do not apply if you intend to have this procedure done. We have several scratching post around our home to support their need to scratch and stretch. This is a must have in your home to avoid any damage to your furniture. Have one ready that's at least 3 feet high. For more information please visit